photo credit: soboye
Afro Fashion Association is delighted to introduce the first Afro fashion commercial event in Italy, the “Afro Fashion Pop-Up Event 2017”.
The event aims to present the trends of the moment in the Afro fashion industry and organise their commercialisation between different groups of sellers and buyers.
The Afro Fashion Pop-Up Event is an opportunity for emerging designers to create commercial relationships with other potential buyers and expand their niche market. The event enables the market to discover emerging designers and reward their outstanding creations inspired by the afro world. This is an excellent occasion for any fashion designers, stylists and Accessories’ designers operating in the Afro Fashion industry.
The AF Pop-Up Event will take place on the 21st -23rd April 2017 at one of our most prestigious location in Italy. We expect a massive presence of international media, chroniclers, bloggers, buyers, retailers, showrooms and even more. The AF Pop-Up Event happens under the patronage of the Milan City Council, the cradle of the World Fashion par excellence.
Being part of this spectacular event will certainly be an unforgettable experience. 
Register for the event and present the fashion world your creations. The registrations will run from 15th January to 30th March 2017.Please submit your application form and all the required documents to the administration office at

Sincerely Yours,

Michelle Ngonmo