Countdown to Afro Fashion Week Milano 2020!

About AFWM

Being a format that is already present in many countries in the world, Afro Fashion is the first Association to bring such event to Italy, enriching it with national values. In order to achieve a certain level of success, the chosen city is Milan, the location per excellence for fashion in the world, with the organization of:
• Afro Fashion Week Milan, the week of Afro essence with fashion shows, presenting leading collections that would represent the new market in which to invest.
• Afro Fashion Workshops and related photo exhibitions: social events to learn more about the Afro culture, involving photographers, bloggers and well-known social media profile owners like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Afro Fashion Week Milan is an annual Haute-Couture and Street-Couture event, created specifically to celebrate Afro fashion through its fabrics, used more and more by great world famous designers and very widespread amongst both celebrities and every-day people. Furthermore, it is an occasion to celebrate the handworks of designers by unveiling a sneak peek of the latest trends to the public. The creations derived from the afro world or afro-inspired pieces are no more limited only to the African or Caribbean targets but also to international targets.

The vibrancy of the colours and the peculiarity of the textures are gaining more success in well-known fashion capitals.

Afro Fashion Week Milano was created to give stylists and fashion designers an opportunity to have a say in the decision making process in the textile industry and display their creativity with the use of raw materials in innovative ways.
Unlike other african fashion weeks, Afro Fashion Week Milan was created to give space to and to introduce rising designers. The event presents itself therefore as an opportunity to increase one’s well of experience and become competitive, be present and recognized internationally.
The event will last for 4 days.

The format envisages the direct involvement of:

  • National Information Opinion leaders
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media teams
  • Fashion designers
  • Fashion houses/brands
  • Fashion schools
  • Web users and major social networks through the activities of the social media team of Afro Fashion