In 2015, the first Association on event organization was born. Its focus is on cultural exchange through the fashion system of Afro Fashion, a non-profit organization. After years of research on the best starting point and the best idea, we arrived at the conclusion that fashion is one of the best means of cultural exchange.

Based on this goal, this Association is commited to organizing events that are connected to fashion, during which people of different ethnicities, not only Africans, meet and work together.

Workshops, runway shows, conventions, forums, university contests, photographic exhibitions, Milano afro festival, afro happy hour in Milan, are some examples of the initiatives that we would organise. Learn more about our events.

Afro Fashion Association was founded by the current President Michelle Francine Ngonmo and the Vice President Ruth Maccarthy: both have varied backgrounds.

Listen to this interview (Italian language) with Afro Fashion founders Michelle Francine Ngonmo and Ruth Akutu Maccarthy.

President Michelle Ngonmo is a Cameroonian who arrived in Italy at a young age, became interested in the communication world at an early stage, initially with a three-year degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication, later she continued her studies with a Specialist Degree in Foreign Languages in order to grow her cultural expertise. After various important internships overseas, one of which was at the Belgian Ministry of Culture (Wallonie- Bruxelles), she’s currently handling various cultural projects: she is in fact the director of All-tv in addition to being the president of African Students Association in Ferrara.

Vice President Ruth Maccarthy is a Ghanaian, graduated from Bicocca University in Obstetrics. She became aware of her passion and propensity towards fashion, she decided to establish her brand “African Fashion Wear” with the intention of promoting afro fashion in Italy. The brand is in fact renowned by the manner in which it combines vibrant colours and African materials with western details and accessories.
In a world that is already becoming more multicultural, a platform where people of diverse ethnic identities nurture ideas and projects is inevitable.

Even within the Association, people of different origins (Africa, Europa, America and Asia) coexist and collaborate, with different backgrounds, different cultures, that when they unite, they come up with interesting ideas and initiatives.

The entire team in fact exchange ideas every day to come up with new ideas that are not yet explored in order to give the city of Milan, Italy and the world new appeal.

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