Call for Designers

Afro Fashion Week Milan 8th Edition

September 2022

Calling all fashion designers! Apply now to participate in the 8th Edition of Afro Fashion Week Milan in September 2022. Applications are open to Afro-descendent and BIPOC designers from all over the world.

In the application form, you’ll be asked to upload a PDF with visual materials which should include all of the following:

  • Two of your most recent lookbooks from previous seasons
  • Your brand identity
  • Sketches or other visual materials to let us envision the presentation/collections that you’d like to bring to Afro Fashion Week Milan

Apply now or e-mail with questions.

in italiano :

Calling all fashion designers! Candidati ora per partecipare all’8a edizione di Afro Fashion Week Milano a settembre 2022. Le candidature sono aperte a designer afro-discendenti e BIPOC di tutto il mondo.

Nel modulo di richiesta, devi caricare un PDF che include il seguente:

  • Due ultimi lookbook delle ultime stagioni
  • Il tuo brand identity
  • Gli schetch della presentazione che vuoi presentare a Afro Fashion Week Milano

Per maggiori informazione, puoi scrivere a  Oppure candidati ora.