Zineb Hazim

Morocco / Italy

A recent graduate of the Cesena Fashion School, Zineb was trained in Italy through experience in fashion work environments. 

The Looks

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* Looks are available for press and promotional use. They must be picked up and returned in person from our Milan office.

About the collection

Abaya Business Woman

Encountering difficulty finding clothing that combined her dual needs as a professional and a Muslim woman, Zineb decided to create the first collection aimed at Muslim Business Women. Her collection is a modern reinterpretation of Islamic aesthetics projected into a business woman dimension. The capsule reveals the ambitions and self-determination of Islamic women, giving them a voice and showing the world that being modest does not exclude being modern. Against the backdrop of an increasingly progressive Saudi Arabia, doctors, restaurateurs, architects, artists, etc. – all women and all Saudis – proudly answer the uncomfortable questions of the Western world in an attempt to give an authentic image of themselves.

Zineb has chosen as the fil rouge, the Prince of Wales print which represents the “professional and masculine” fabric, par excellence in European culture, demystifying it with bright contrasting colors to break its seriousness. The length and shapes, on the other hand, confirm the identity of the Muslim woman in her desire to be present and sober.