Our work in Cameroon

In Cameroon, our association operates in the fields of art, food, fashion, and design to contribute to the promotion of art and culture as a lever for local sustainable development. Our mission is to:

    1. Strengthen civil actors in the ability to propose an innovative cultural offering, respecting tradition, and to enhance art and culture as a sector of employment for young people and an engine for social and economic development.
    2. Develop in young people the skills and professionalism relevant to the inclusion in the market of the visual and plastic arts in Cameroon by integrating traditional knowledge and technological innovation and digital culture.

Download the CAMon! project summary to learn more or browse the galleries below to see this initiative in action, whether through teaching or the hosting and collaborative production of cultural events to feature the work of regional student and emerging designers.

Student Showcases

Our fashion labs, workshops, and courses at Laba Douala are hands-on, typically culminating in a fashion showcase. Browse the images to the left for photos from past events.