Virtual Casting Call Instructions

Thank you for reserving your personal casting call time! We look forward to meeting you on Google Meet. See details and tips below.

Please plan to connect a few minutes early to make sure your tech is working and click “Ask to Join” as soon as you are ready. We will then let you into the virtual room at your specified time. We unfortunately cannot accomodate late or missed appointments.

Tip: Check to make sure your camera and microphone work in advance by clicking the event link. Don’t worry, no one will see you! You will only be let into the casting call at your specified time on Saturday August 29th after you select “Ask to Join.”

Detailed instructions

Logging into your call

Google Meet is a browser-based meeting platform so you do not have to download a special application. Your device (phone or laptop) must have a working camera and microphone.

You can use any web browser to participate (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc). If using Chrome, please use Incognito Mode. Click the button above or use this link to connect:

Where asked to enter your name, please ensure it matches the name you used to register for your timeslot so we know to let you in at your reserved time. Then, whenever you are ready, click the “Ask to Join” button and wait for the jury to let you in.

Ensure that your microphone and video are turned on once you are in the room!

Tip: It’s better if you click “Ask to Join” a few minutes early rather than a few minutes late! We will control your access to the room, so you don’t have to worry about interrupting another model’s session. We unfortunately cannot accomodate late or missed appointments.

What to expect during the session

In English:

We don’t expect much advance preparation; in fact the more natural you are, the more we will be able to see your personality! You’ll have up to 10 minutes for your audition; please use the time efficiently.

  • Do make sure you have adequate space and are wearing something you feel great in: we’ll ask you to show us 30 seconds of your catwalk. The jury may ask you to show us your catwalk (women, please have heels on in advance).
  • Our conversation will have three major parts: time for you to present yourself, a chance to explain what led you to become a model, and your response to why you would like to model in an Afro Fashion show.
  • Prepare your lookbook and have it close at hand! The jury won’t always ask to see it, but if you have one it helps to be prepared.

In italiano:

Prepararsi è molto semplice, ricordati che a un provino più sei naturale più emerge la tua personalità. Avrai a disposizione 10 minuti per la tua audizione, usali in modo efficiente!

  • Ti chiederemo di registrare 30 secondi di sfilata fai da te, per far vedere alla giuria com’è la tua catwalk
  • Suddividi il tempo a disposizione in 3 parti: presentati; dicci come mai hai scelto di fare il modello/a; e spiegare perché vuoi sfilare per Afro Fashion
  • La giura potrebbe chiederti di sfilare in live, sii pronto/a (per donne, indossa già dei tacchi in modo da guadagnare in tempo)
  • Prepara il tuo book (tante volte la giuria non lo richiede, ma tu assicurati di averlo a portata di mano)!

La virtual casting call si svolgerà sotto l’occhio critico di una giuria composta da cinque professionisti del settore; la settimana dopo l’audizione, l’esito Le verrà comunicato mediante un’email.