Michelle Francine Ngonmo, founder and president of the Afro Fashion Association, was interviewed by Io Donna about the work of our organization and broader issues of racism and inclusion in the fashion industry in Italy.

Just as society has to reckon with what it means to be multicultural, the world of fashion must do the same. [That means] more people of foreign origin in the organizational charts of companies, during fashion shows, in advertising campaigns, at the top sitting at the table of those who decide. The protagonists themselves, people of foreign origin, have to be involved first-hand. For example, the notion that “Afro” fashion is exotic or just a seasonal trend shouldn’t exist anymore. It shouldn’t cause clamour to see a black girl on the front page of Vogue. Italy is so full of beauty and diverse talents, I find it really a shame to not take advantage of that reality.

Afro Fashion Michelle Francine Ngonmo

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