Join us in exploring the projects created by the participants in Creative Studios Milano, a first-of-its-kind summer program dedicated to the creation of an inclusive media space. Part of the global Today at Apple Creative Studios initiative, led by the Afro Fashion Association and in collaboration with the ICA Milan Foundation, the program celebrates the diversity of fashion, art and design. Participants in the program, together with their mentors and tutors, introduced their creative projects to the public for the first time from September 23-25th at ICA Milano, part of Afro Fashion Week Milano.


Mentored by EDWARD BUCHANAN. Created by George Bac, Giada Casadei, David Gomes, Giulia Kuqi, Sahra Masrour, Juliet Saud, Sanskriti Sharma, Weiren Theo, Linda Wathika, Sasha Yates, Genesis Zalamea. Tutored by Nana Brenui.

Culture, denim, and convertible design. EVRY-1_ROOT FOR EVERYONE is a capsule collection based on three concepts: convertibility, sustainability, and upcycling. Starting from the cultural background of the collective, the group has ventured into an attempt to create a capsule made of five hats that also act as stool covers, created using recycled materials and recycled denim found in Milan. These creations are at the same time dynamic headdresses and furnishing elements, inspired by the cubic stools of the Apple store in Milan in Piazza Liberty. The eclectic mix of traditional techniques, which refer to the different backgrounds of the collective, come from India, Cape Verde, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, USA, Kenya, Indonesia, San Marino, Ecuador, Albania and Lebanon. All these references have been translated and combined into cultural objects that combine history and creativity, while designing and celebrating the multiculturalism of Italy today and in the near future.

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Kenya + Cape Verde


Indonesia + Ecuador

Morocco + Albania

India + San Marino



Mentored by Gloria Maria Cappelletti. Created by Elisa Bolzonello, Abdoulaye Diop, Andrea Benedetta Laganà, Assia Mendoub, Lidia Micieli, Yepgnou Yannick Ngonmo, Louise Michelle Passera, Udeesha Singh, Malika Zanfara, Tahira Zanfara. Tutored by MARTIN ROMEO.

A playful trip inside and out reality. The ALTER SPACE project expands a collaboration between human and machine, in which control is reciprocal and co-creative. The resulting dream-like virtual environment is the result of a collective reality, an assembly line aimed at designing another space, an inclusive metaverse. As exhibited in the gallery, the main screen presents a version of the projects of the two other working groups present in this exhibition. Through the creation of a dynamic set design, the two creative realities emerge and mix without meaning and forms being affected. The other screens present other heterogeneous landscapes, spaces designed for meeting others through a new digitized life that enters our corporeal reality. A portal then acts as a bridge between the exhibition area and the workshop, the group’s personal space, an incubator of ideas and a creative studio. As viewers explore the space, a voice intones a poetic succession of dissonant words as the environment explodes in a juxtaposition of colors, volumes, and scans of reality.


Mentored by Macs Iotti. Created by Azmera Tzeggai, Ben Drame, Chigozirim, Onyeaghala, Dara Silva Bulleri, Faisa Abullahi,Freddy Vivier Kona, Janel Lisa Amoah, Maria Valentina Valentina Frias Alvarez, Munir Yassen Mehammed, e Veronica Grace Adu Boahsne.

An eternal place is what you desire. For this project, the creative group was asked to imagine original contents for Macs Iotti’s Morphine brand, a project based on the idea of upcycling and sharing. With the aim of working on brand awareness, the project presents a newly produced video linked to the ROMA(NTICA) collection, in which the participants worked as concept creators, content creators and also models, following their unique perspectives, but always keeping the values of the brand as a starting point. The concept of eternal space, inspired by Rome, as well as the ideas of community, collaboration and sustainability, are at the center of the video and of the entire operation. The video was presented at ICA Milano in a unique setting, a structure composed of recycled materials, developed by the group in collaboration with the set designer Giulia Munari, who interpreted the values and creative direction of the project, giving it a further immersive aesthetic dimension.

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Founder of Afro Fashion Week Milano

Overarching Mentor



Creative Director / Founder & Art Director of SANSOVINO6

Fashion Design

Gloria Maria


Curator / Creative Director of RED-EYE

Fashion Storytelling
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Founder & Creative Director of MACSIOTTI