Our Services

TALENT Scouting

Looking to expand the diversity of your collections or benefit from unique vision and sustainable design innovation? Hire our services for fashion scouting, available worldwide with a focus on BIPOC, African, and African diaspora designers.


Jumpstart your career in fashion, web design, communications, or other sectors through an internship with the Afro Fashion Association. You’ll be a critical members of a small and dynamic international team of professionals and volunteers. We also provide consulting to businesses on creating inclusive internship opportunities.

DEI Training & Consulting

Among our most sought-after services. If you’re committed to expanding the diversity of your organization and building a more inclusive environment for all, our DEI and JEDI consulting and training services can help. We specialize in supporting fashion, arts, government, and cultural industries working in Europe, Africa, and Asia.


We regularly design and teach workshops, courses, and master classes. The content and structure is completely tailored to the desired learning outcomes, length/duration, and other constraints.


Our mentorship and tutoring services are available to emerging fashion, art, and design professionals, adopting a full ecosystem approach to the support of creators as they develop their brand and identity, produce their pieces at scale, build relationships with buyers, and seek to showcase their work on the international stage. Benefit from the lifetime of expertise and personal experience of other Afro professionals working through Europe.