This July, help shape a more inclusive future of fashion with the Creative Studios Milano intensive workshop. This program invites young people between the ages of 18-28 to join us for four weeks dedicated to creative innovation, guided by mentors who are changing the expressive codes of this sector. Learn, collaborate, and give life to your ideas under the guidance of some of the industry’s top talents: Stella Jean, Edward Buchanan, Gloria Maria Cappelletti, Michelle Ngonmo, and Macs Iotti. The resulting projects will be showcased during Fashion Week this September.

This project is completely free to participants. We will prioritize participation by people of colour, women, people with a disability, refugees, trans, non-binary, and two-spirit people, and anyone else who has encountered difficulty accessing education or work in the fashion, art, or design industries.



Meet the Mentors



Overarching Mentor



Overarching Mentor






Creative Director / Founder & Art Director of SANSOVINO6 

Fashion Design

Gloria Maria


Curator / Creative Director of RED-EYE

Fashion Storytelling & Nuovi media



Founder & Creative Director of MACSIOTTI 

Branding & Communicazione integrata

Produced in partnership with Today at Apple, Creative Studios Milano is an important step in the Afro Fashion Association’s work towards the development of an ecosystem of equity for emerging and underrepresented talent.

The Afro Fashion Association believes in the transformative potential of fashion, art, and culture as a means for cross-cultural exchange, empowerment, and sustainable economic development. Every change comes with a vision, and that is why we will never stop giving space to the Afro Fashion Association community.


Who can participate?

This program is open to young people ages 18-28. Only people who meet this requirement can participate. Your age will be verified during onboarding.

You must be able to attend in-person program sessions in Milan, Italy, from July 4-29th. Priority during the selection process will be given to people of colour, people with a disability, trans, non-binary, two-spirit people, and others whom part of their identity is under-represented in the fashion and communication sectors.

When and where?

This series takes place from July 4-29, 2022, in Milan Italy.

What is the cost?

It is completely free to attend for anyone who is selected to participate.

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