Michael Ludwig Studio

🇿🇦 South Africa

Michael Ludwig Studio is a premium brand, juxtaposing Eastern meets African aesthetics while incorporating principles of zero waste and inclusive design. At the core of the business is human experience. Every collection seeks to provide clients with garments that they can wear for a lifetime, styling to match their outlook each day. The brand renounces the gender binary, focusing instead on creating looks that make the wearer feel confident, comfortable and unique.

Based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, the studio follows a zero waste policy. Most patterns are designed to have no fabric waste in production, and any offcuts are kept for later developments such as patchwork, accessories, binding, pocket bags, and linings. The production process has a low environmental impact due to several conscious choices like low energy usage machines and working with suppliers that have eco-friendly and sustainable principles. The studio also abides by ethical and fair trade practices, paying good wages and benefits, and cultivating close personal relationships with their partners and employees.