Our Projects

Through educational initiatives, events, and mentorship, we work to strengthen the local capacity to leverage arts and culture as an engine for social and economic development. Currently we’re working on projects in Italy, Cameroon, Rwanda, and Ghana.

Project Spotlight: Les petits métiers

Expanding opportunities for youth in Cameroon’s growing fashion industry, providing comprehensive training in tailoring, design, and business management, with a strong emphasis on gender equality. Launched in spring 2024, the program sets itself apart by combining hands-on training with online international learning and job placement opportunities, in addition to building a local business cooperative.

Afro Fashion Week

Our flagship event. Every year with Afro Fashion Week Milano, we bring the latest trends in Afro fashion to the catwalks and showrooms of Italy’s fashion capital.


Social meets environmental sustainability. The Bag Second Chance project provides mentorship and job opportunities to women who were formerly incarcerated in Cameroon, all while transforming discarded plastic bags into beautiful and functional accessories.

The Black Carpet Awards

Since our inaugural gala in 2022, the first global awards dedicated to celebrating achievements in diversity and inclusion in the global community.

The Unseen Profiles

We maintain the largest online database and jobs board to increase diversity of representation in the arts, fashion, and design industries.

Afro Walk

We bring Afro fashion to Milan’s most celebrated squares in this pop-up event dedicated to multiculturalism, empowerment, inclusion and the fight against discrimination.

Fab 5

A showroom, production ecosystem, and mentorship program for Afro descedent designers working in Italy and worldwide, demonstrating that “Made in Italy” is not a question of colour but of know-how and talent.