real talk to advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As Italy’s leading advocates for diversity and inclusion in the creative sectors, we bring years of both lived and professional experience to help advance your school or company’s DEI needs. Browse our innovative INFORMAL TALK packages or book our speaking engagements below, or reach out and let us develop a personalized proposal for you and your team. We offer consulting services, strategy, inclusive communication, people strategy, certifications and more to help organizations develop an inclusive corporate culture and generate value, promoting plurality and equity.

Informal Talk

INFORMAL TALK with Michelle is an innovative project that aims to deal informally with issues related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Through open and candid dialogues with companies, institutions and universities, we offer a fresh and inclusive alternative to explore DEI issues and gain a different perspective.

All talks will be held directly with Afrofashion founder and internationally awarded DEI advocate Michelle Francine Ngonmo. But she won’t be alone: at each meeting, she’ll be joined by a surprise guest! Has your company, institution, school made social sustainability/social responsibility a cornerstone of your culture? These meetings are for you. Come onboard and discover why we’re trusted by Italy’s top fashion brands when it comes to building a more inclusive future in their workplaces.


This package offers a two-hour meeting, during which Michelle will lead an informal conversation about DEI with representatives (C-Suite & CEO) and employees of the company. Specific and personalized topics will be addressed to meet the needs that emerged in most cases during the organization meeting.

Deep Dive

This package includes a series of five meetings, each lasting two hours. Each meeting will focus on different themes of DEI and will provide strategic and practical insights to implement inclusion policies within the company. It’s designed for directors, including C-Suite, middle managers, and other key decision makers.

Change Year

This more comprehensive package offers a series of twelve meetings, one per month, for an entire year. Each meeting will provide insights, tools and resources to support the organization’s transformation into an inclusive environment and promote awareness of DEI. It can be tailored for members across different levels of the organization to build an overall culture of inclusivity.


We also offer online meetup packages, allowing you to join INFORMAL TALK sessions with Michelle from anywhere in the world. This option offers flexibility and accessibility for international companies or those who prefer to meet virtually.

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Why work on DEI?

INFORMAL TALK with Michelle offers a valuable opportunity to address DEI issues in an informal and open way. Our approach allows companies to acquire a new perspective on the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, and to develop concrete strategies and actions to create inclusive and respectful workplaces. We are ready to help companies make a difference and contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive future.

We recognize the importance of being socially responsible and the economic impact of social sustainability for companies. Investing in diversity, equity and inclusion not only improves the company’s reputation and image, but also has a positive long-term economic impact. Organizations that embrace DEI and foster an inclusive environment experience increased productivity, innovation and attractiveness for talent.

The adoption of socially sustainable policies and practices helps to reduce inequalities, promote social inclusion and create a positive impact on the surrounding community. Through our INFORMAL TALK with Michelle project, we guide companies towards a greater awareness of social responsibility which, if approached in the right way, leads to their long-term economic growth and provides them with tools and knowledge to create a positive and lasting impact in society.

Speaking Engagements

Need an inspirational speaker to champion the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace, industry, or educational culture? Afro Fashion Association founder Michelle Francine Ngonmo has been awarded internationally for her work advancing diversity and social impact within the fashion and culture sectors.

Nothing is taboo when Michelle leads the conversation! She brings people closer to issues of DEI and social responsibility by making it matter to them personally, stimulating reflection and pushing them to action.

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