The Unseen Profiles

Ensuring a diverse talent pool for your recruitment needs

Italy is the home of a vast variety of talented and competent professionals from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. Stewarded by the Afrofashion Association, The Unseen Profiles is the first Italian platform connecting these professionals, with top companies in Italy and worldwide. It hosts online job announcements, company and professional profiles, featured content, and much more, all available worldwide for a monthly or annual subscription.

Why it matters

The composition of the workplace is a key element affecting a company’s ability to reach its audience and deliver quality and culturally conscious products and services. Having a team that is not representative of the reality can hinder a company’s ability to reach its goals. At the same time, focusing on diversity alone without further considerations of competencies can damage a company’s outreach strategy and reputation. The Unseen Profiles commits to reduce the mismatch between companies and skilled professionals of diverse backgrounds by mapping, engaging and mobilizing candidates that can respond to our customers’ needs without sacrificing competencies and expertise. We have developed a community of over 3000 professionals that live, study and work in Italy and are striving to prove that having a migration background is an added value to their expertise and career prospects.

In the Press


Vogue Interview

As many black creatives remain invisible to companies, the platform The Unseen Profiles strives to bring their talent to light. In this piece, Vogue journalist Jonathan Anderson interviews Michelle Francine Ngonmo, founder of The Unseen Profiles and director of the Afro Fashion Association. Published 12 January 2022.

In newstands

Don’t miss a special feature about The Unseen Profiles in Vogue Italy‘s January edition, on newstands throughout the country!

In Forbes

Forbes profiles The Unseen Profiles as part of a series on leadership. Published 19 March 2022.