Manifesto for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At the Afro Fashion Association, we embody a profound commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, believing these to be essential cornerstones in shaping a fairer future and appreciating the true richness of our communities. Through our platforms– Black Carpet Awards, The Unseen Profiles, and Afro Fashion Week Milan– we cultivate an environment that reflects the vast range of voices, talents, and experiences contributing to the vibrant tapestry of fashion.

Our vision:

We support a bold vision of the creative industry as a vehicle for celebrating excellence from every corner of the globe. We recognize that diversity is not just desirable but essential, fueling creativity, fostering innovation, and shaping a more inclusive global community.


We are committed to building safe and inclusive spaces in every aspect of our work. We aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of their identity, not only feels welcome but valued in our platforms. In doing so, we oppose any form of discrimination and work tirelessly to eliminate invisible barriers preventing access to opportunities.

Our platforms:

Black Carpet Awards: We celebrate and recognize excellence in creative industry, ensuring that the voices of talents from diverse communities are at the center of the narrative.

The Unseen Profiles: Italy’s first job posting platform with over 3000 POC professional profiles. This revolutionary service connects companies with a diversified talent pool, laying the foundation for fair representation in various sectors.

Afro Fashion Week Milan: A launching pad for emerging designers, a stage for innovation, and a crossroads of cultures. We create opportunities to bring forth and celebrate diversity in the world of fashion.

Concrete actions against discrimination:

DEI Courses in Companies: We promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) courses in partner companies, encouraging continuous training to eliminate stereotypes and discrimination.

Collaborations with Institutions and Other Communities: We work closely with institutions, associations, and other communities to create a unified front against discrimination, promoting diversity even at the regulatory level.

Workshops and Awareness: We organize workshops to raise awareness about diversity-related issues, educating both companies and the public on inclusive and respectful practices.

Continuous Training: We offer continuous training opportunities for industry professionals and creatives, encouraging learning on diversity and inclusion-related topics.

Creating Opportunities and Internships: We foster the creation of opportunities and internships, ensuring that emerging talents have access to stimulating and equally distributed professional experiences.

Job Placement Support: We offer mentorship programs to facilitate the job placement of individuals from often marginalized communities.

Call to change:

We call on companies, professionals, and communities to join us. We invite all entities to endorse this manifesto, contributing to the creation of a future where fashion is a vehicle for inclusion, representation, and positive change for all.


Afro Fashion Association