Afrofashion Association Founder To Jury Milan Fashion Festival

Afro Fashion Association founder and CEO Michelle Francine Ngonmo has been selected to jury the 9th edition of Milan Fashion Film Festival! Details about the dates for the festival will be announced shortly.

Founded and directed by Constanza Cavalli Etro, Fashion Film Festival Milano is an international event and cultural meeting point where fashion films from all over the world are presented, giving testimony to the talent of both new and established directors. Each year, an International Jury is selected from among the most important names in the fashion industry to evaluate the festival’s circa 200 featured films.

The Afro Fashion Association and Fashion Film Festival Milano partnered on the inaugural Black Carpet Awards in February 2023, a gala event celebrating innovation around the world in diversity and inclusion through creativity, culture, community, and entrepreneurship.

About Michelle Francine Ngonmo

In 2015 Michelle founded the Afro Fashion Association, a cultural association based in Milan with satellite locations in Cameroon, Ruanda and Ghana. Today, Afro Fashion Association has more than eighty members and holds an invaluable database of more than 1000 Afro Fashion designers from all over the world.

Michelle is a talent scout of excellence for the present and future Afro designers in Italy and abroad and an expert creator of events such as Afro Fashion Week Milano, Afro Walk Milan, and Meet our Designers. She is also the CEO of The Unseen Profiles, a platform that helps connect companies with professionals from multicultural backgrounds. In February 2023, in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week, the Afro Fashion Association launched the first edition of the Black Carpet Awards, an awards gala celebrating the change-makers who are building a more diverse and inclusive future.

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