Afro Fashion Milan

From the heart of Milan, advancing diversity and inclusion in the fashion, design, and art industries through world-class events, talent cultivation, & education

About Us

We’re a Black-led, volunteer-driven non-profit organization, active since 2015 in Milan and Cameroon. We believe in the transformative potential of fashion, design, art, and culture as a means for cross-cultural exchange, empowerment, and sustainable economic development.

Events & Projects

Afro Fashion Week Milan

Our flagship annual event brings the global Afro Fashion Week format to one of the most visible fashion capitals of the world through both haute and street couture. Our fashion shows during Afro Fashion Week present leading and emerging collections by African and Afro-inspired creators, showcasing the diversity of styles and expression across contemporary Afro design, celebrating their creators, and encouraging investment in African and African-descended creative businesses. 

The Fab 5

Part fashion showcase, part educational mission, part cultural exchange, the Fab 5 project urgent the fashion industry to work harder to reflect the multicultural society in which we are living. Fashion is a powerful tool, playing an enormous role in shaping how we view and value people. When it changes, it changes not just for the good of fashion but for the society at large. Current editions include the Fab 5 We Are Made in Italy project and the Fab 5 Bridge Builders International.

Advocacy & Activism

All of our work seeks to advance diversity and inclusion in the fashion and design sectors. Representation is activism but it isn’t enough. In addition to our events and projects that actively intervene on the status quo, we provide consulting services, educational events, and more to support other organizations in their efforts towards greater inclusivity.

From the Collection

Our Afro Fashion Showroom showcases Afro fashion year-round. All of the items are straight from the catwalks of Afro Fashion Week Milan and embody the Made in Italy attention to craft, all either handcrafted or designed by Afro-descendent artists.