Refuse Clothing Brand

🇿🇦 South Africa

Established in 2016 by Malcolm Mokgope and Minenhle Memela, Refuse Clothing Brand is a South African-based menswear brand with an inclination for intertwining African aesthetic with modern designs. The brand adapts conventional Nguni (Zulu) textures to a range of ready-to-wear pieces of clothing, creating street-ready looks that rapidly drew a following among streetwear lovers around the world. Refuse Clothing also seeks to employ sustainable practices, using 100% cotton fabrics and life-friendly chemistry in most of their garments.

The designers say, “We make clothes for young ambitious men, who love beautiful garments and fashion in general, however need them for their functionality,” whether that means breathable textures or strategic pockets. The brand was awarded in the South African Fashion Week Menswear Scouting Competition in 2022, and is growing an international following as it pursues a variety of collaborations.